Five Trends in Legal Digital Marketing

December 6, 2020

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The Question is not Whether, it’s How to Provide Legal Services Digitally.

The old way of thinking is over. No one, in this day and age, can claim safely that their law firm does not need digital marketing. With Covid-19 and everything changing from in-person to online, the question is no longer whether you need digital marketing, it's how. Getting referrals is nice, but as a lot of the digital marketing gurus pointed out, consumers are buying legal services the same as they buy everything else, online. All law firms must do digital marketing, here and now.

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The Best Lawyers Put Users First.

We have talked about this multiple times: we have to put users first, the clients first. That means, a beautifully designed website, concise, succinct content organized in a pleasant way, so users can easily find what they are looking for, with no or very little effort. “Users first” also means we need to think about the EXPERIENCE we are giving to potential clients. Do you force them to write you a long email? Do you send them to people who can't answer their questions immediately? Or do you offer them readily available help, on the spot? This is why at Trusli, we are always trying to simplify the client intake process in a high-tech, low-effort way. We have the context, data and training, and we are here to give clients that warm, helpful hand, right here.

All Types of Lawyers Have to Understand Client's Needs.

We all hate to be bombarded with useless marketing junk. But, when we are really looking for something, we welcome useful content that can point us to the right way. There is no such thing as one size fits all in digital marketing. We need to understand our clients' needs, categorize them, track them, and market to them accordingly. At Trusli, we have figured out how to achieve that through chatting with the clients for a few minutes. If they are not ready to engage yet, at least we have a full understanding of what they are looking for, and we can follow up as such.

Lawyers Got to Go High Tech.

We have seen lawyer websites with the best intentions, yet the lowest results. Why? You've got to go high-tech. In this AI dominated day and age, having a dummy chat bot that just asks the clients to write you an email is not helpful. We are deploying true conversational AI that understands the clients intentions and context, and can provide helpful directions and results immediately, as opposed to forcing them to follow up the traditional way. No one wants to call anymore, they want to be on their computer or even mobile device, chat, and be connected with help instantaneously.

Cheap Legal Services is Possible.

Paying for google search words is nice, but can turn out to be really expensive really quick. If you have a mid to low marketing budget, look for ways to grow your presence organically, develop your own content, and work with partners like Trusli to increase your influence. Not all nice things have to be expensive, and not all expensive things turn out to be useful. Work with us, and let us help you with the heavy lifting of high-tech client experience and digital marketing.How are you reaching potential clients in the digital age? Join our platform to have quality leads sent directly to your