What are our values? Trusli's mission

November 10, 2020

Our mission

We listened to this great Ted Talk by Alan Siegel. He preached for simplicity, transparency, and ultimately, empathy. We can't agree more.


When it's complicated, you don't really understand. When you understand, you can say it in a simple and crisp way. Complication confuses, and simplicity enlightens. When we decided to build Trusli AI, we want to bring simplicity and ease to every person who is looking for legal help. No more jargon. No more complicated 100+ item drop down menus. Just say your issue in your own words, we'll help you find the legal help you need. That easy. This is how we democratize legal help and bring legal help to lay persons, you and me of the world. On the flip side, we are doing all the complicated work in the backend. We are organizing the data and training algorithm so that we bring a delightful experience for you, the user.

Credit goes to https://designbysejal.com/substance-in-simplicity-cf302606c88c


Trusli AI intends to communicate in a clear, crips way, so that we bring transparency to your world. No more fog above your head. No more calling 10+ lawyers, each with a different set of answers and pricing scheme. We bring the legal service to you, at an affordable rate, in a competitive market. Trusli AI summarizes your issues for you, and for the lawyers. Our bot asks all the relevant questions so that there are no more unknowns and surprises. By bringing transparency of the service, the market and the pricing, we provide you with a competitive product at an affordable price.



Last but not least, that's really the soul of our product. People offer convoluted products with confusing menus and daunting options, which is ultimately a disregard of the user experience and lack of empathy. Trusli AI is a design minded company and a customer centric company. We want to offer you the experience that's delightful and enjoyable, like a breeze. We have walked the walk, so we don't imagine your experience. We have lived the pain, and our goal is to offer you a painless, pleasant experience, from the first moment you engage with us, to the rendering of our service. We are obsessed with your happiness.

credit goes to https://www.innovationtraining.org/what-is-design-thinking-ways-to-define-design-thinking/