As the chaotic year of 2020 came to an end, we wanted to pause and meditate on our accomplishments, and aspirations for 2021.

1. Gratitude

Firstly, we want to thank the setbacks.- Where did we come from?- How did we come up with Trusli?We get asked these questions a lot by investors, potential customers, and candidates that want to work for our team. We really started thinking about Trusli after a series of somewhat funny sequences of events. Granted, some of us have been in the legal world and have lived through the pain of lawyers not being able to find the right clients. However, we only got to the “Aha” moment because we ran into very difficult circumstances, which prompted us to look for legal help ourselves. The curse turned out to be a blessing. During that very lengthy and painful process, given our background in data, and machine learning, we started asking ourselves: why does this have to be so painful? Why can’t the legal industry reinvent itself? Why can't we search for lawyers the same as we search for everything else, online?This is kind of a symbolic moment, as the darkest moment turned into light in our mind. For that, we are thankful for the difficulties and setbacks that fate presented to us, without which we wouldn’t have become who we are

Sleegal 2020 recap

Secondly, we want to thank our investors. We want to thank them for believing in us. From 0 to 1 is darn hard. After pitches and pitches, after being questioned, turned down, and even laughed at, we finally found a handful of believers who believe in our vision, and decided to invest in us. We can’t describe our gratitude for those who poured their blood, sweat, and money in us. We promise we will spend it responsibly. It’s easy to bump into NaySayers who just can’t hedge enough for what-ifs. It’s so hard to find believers who want to give you a chance. For this reason, we will be forever grateful for our seed investors.Last but not least, we want to thank our team. Instead of (in some cases in addition to) money investment, our team chose to invest in us by putting in the hard work. It’s so difficult to start from scratch, with no light at the end of the tunnel. However, our team, with our vision and guidance, managed to see that light in the darkness. They choose to believe in Trusli, choose to believe in us. They put in the hard work, think out of the box, ask really good questions, and come up with new ideas. They go the extra mile. We really can’t thank this team enough.Thank you for crushing it, and let’s crush it even more in 2021!

2. Optimism

2020 has been a very dark year. People are dying. Trips canceled. Restaurants closed. Working from home with no human interaction. However, the most trying moments often bring the most promising opportunities. In Chinese, the word crisis has two meanings: danger and opportunity. With Covid closing down the whole world, we believe that new trends are emerging. Instead of getting a consultation in a lawyer’s office, maybe now you can just chat with the Trusli bot. Instead of calling, maybe you can prepare some notes and get a response in 24 hours. The old way of doing things is changing, and whoever is not on the train will be left behind. That’s why we are here, to revolutionize the hundred-year-old legal industry, and to change the status quo. We are hopeful. We are optimistic. We believe that the best is yet to come. Together, as humanity, we will conquer the difficulties we are facing today and bring new ways of thinking, doing, and being. Digital is the trend, artificial intelligence is the trend, machine learning is the trend. Catch the train, and don’t get left behind.

3. Innovation

We have worked at large and small companies. The key to it all is to continuously innovate. We have seen companies like Motorola resting on their laurels, and getting thrown off the throne. We’ve also seen companies like Netflix and Blackberry, who manage to innovate from within and reinvent themselves to fit the changing circumstances and become king again. Innovation is hard, especially done from within. That’s why many industries need disruptors like ourselves, who take nothing for granted, who have learned from the best, and who will not settle for mediocrity. Innovation is a DNA, and a blood type. Trusli is here to innovate the legal industry and to show our rivals how it’s done in today’s technology-dominated world.

4. Humility

Despite everything we have written above, we have also witnessed failure. When companies are arrogant, burn cash without hitting deliverables or acquiring customers. When CEOs are hired, but only for a beauty contest, without delivering results. We will try not to go there. We will try really hard. We will always put the customers first, hold ourselves and our team accountable, and deliver a product that delights our users. No lip service. No corporate bullshit. No form over substance. We will forever remind ourselves to stay humble and hungry.

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Gloria Qiao J.D.

Gloria is the founder of, seasoned lawyer, business person and entrepreneur, determined to bring legal help to you at an affordable cost efficiently.

Gloria Qiao J.D.

Gloria is the founder of, seasoned lawyer, business person and entrepreneur, determined to bring legal help to you at an affordable cost efficiently.

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