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Why Not Google Legal Help?

When we are talking to prospective member lawyers and clients, we frequently get asked: why can’t one just use Google for legal help? What value are you providing?

Well, that’s a great question. The answer is  precisely why we built Trusli. What many people don’t know is, Google prioritizes posts by those who bid on keywords and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rather than provide results that truly match what you are searching for. If you try conducting a Google search for legal help, you may not see results that truly match what you need to resolve your legal needs.

Granted, Google is a wonderful marketing and informational tool. That is, when you know exactly what you are looking for. But when you don’t, you can quickly go down a rabbit hole.

Finding a Lawyer is Not that Easy

We realized finding lawyers can be very complex. If you are a sophisticated hedge fund or large corporation with an army of in-house counsel and institutional knowledge, you may find searching for a lawyer to be much easier. After all, you know exactly what you are looking for and who to call. However, remember our goal and mission is to democratize legal help, and serve the under-served.

So if you are a lay person (that’s what lawyers call those without a JD or a legal license), you probably don’t know what franchising law is, even when you are ready to buy that cookie business. Nor will you know that you were wrongfully terminated due to age discrimination. You just know you were fired because they think you are too old.

Trusli is Here to Make Your Lawyer Search Simple

Take a look at this post that explains the difficulties in hiring a lawyer. That is exactly why we created Trusli. Our entire vision is about design and empathy. It’s about you. You don’t need to know or understand the legal complexity of your situation. You just need to come chat with us, in your own words, about what happened and your needs. Trust that we’ll take care of the rest. Just like when you are out having dinner on a Saturday night. Enjoy your meal and wine. You deserve to be taken care of. Leave the cooking to us. We will take care of you.

As we have discussed multiple times, our goal is to provide you a delightful, painless experience. Remember how you unpack an Apple product. They’ve thought through every single detail to delight you. That’s in our DNA. We want to simplify and delight. We are here for YOU.

So forget about an internet search that can take hours of your time. You don’t always know what you are looking for, and that’s ok. Instead of reading 50 search pages and making 10 phone calls, let our artificial intelligence and machine learning take care of it. We have gathered thousands of cases like yours, and we have assembled a rock star team of lawyers to serve YOU. All at your fingertips. Just chat with our bot. We make your lawyer search simple.

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Gloria Qiao J.D.

Gloria is the founder of, seasoned lawyer, business person and entrepreneur, determined to bring legal help to you at an affordable cost efficiently.

Gloria Qiao J.D.

Gloria is the founder of, seasoned lawyer, business person and entrepreneur, determined to bring legal help to you at an affordable cost efficiently.

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