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Ms. Ashley Moraca is a friend of mine. She is a founder of Clubby, a private social club for entrepreneurs and investors, where each individual membership is purchased via an NFT on the blockchain. She is a serious client who is looking for a corporate lawyer to review the T&C’s. She has a couple of clarifying questions that she wants to cover: 1. Her company will be minting/ selling 10,000 NFT tokens, and on their website will be spelling out their roadmap and at which point various offers become unlocked. i.e. Retreat perks are only unlocked after 10,000 tokens are sold (full amount). Her question is if they sold less than 10,000, is there a way to legally absolve themselves of responsibility to give retreat access/ other perks? 2. Should they be more specifically calling out what the services are in the Terms of Use?

Ms. Moraca is my good friend and a serious client willing to hire a lawyer. Please take care of her matter. I appreciate it.

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Attorney Ettinger has 36 years in IP transactions and strategies, general counsel at two public tech companies, a major Softbank subsidiary and numerous startups, system software startup founder, 6 years in data / SaaS transactions, 10+ years in privacy, website T&Cs

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