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Ms. Melissa Glock wants to start a candle making business in New York. She is seeking a business lawyer help her set up an LLC.

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Business, Intellectual property

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Browne Law, LLC

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Florida A&M, 2016

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Attorney Adjckwc (pronounced A-Zha-Ko) O. Browne is passionate about helping people protect their legacy. She has a Masters of Science in Information Systems Management and over 18 years of business experience consulting with fortune 500 organizations.

Browne Law, LLC (BL) exists to provide access to the legal system to a more diverse group by making legal services easy to obtain. BL strives to provide quality legal services that are both affordable and accessible by creating an easy to use nexus between technology and the law. Browne Law is also, founded on the belief that ownership creates opportunity. The opportunity to leave a legacy for your family and the communities you serve. Calling upon her technology background Attorney Browne has created an interactive platform to offer clients unbundled legal services that allow clients to select and purchase the level of legal assistance they desire. They can also determine how they will interact with their attorney, whether via chat video meetings or in person.

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