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Rivera Benitez

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Business, Real estate, Litigation

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Pontifical Catholic University School of Law

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I am a Puerto Rico licensed attorney currently working for SBA as an attorney general, here in Florida. I am currently in the process of getting the Texas Bar. I have 20 years of experience litigating, doing real estate closings as a notary public and as a counselor for my clients in the negotiation of contracts and settlements. As a litigator I draft motions, prepare discovery and prepare for hearings. I discuss the strategies, flaws and strengths of the case with my clients and keep them up to date of the case status. As a counselor, I draft, review and analice agreements and/or settlements for my clients. Discuss the same to the and orient them as to what should be accepted or not. As a notary public in Puerto Rico, I analyze title searches, discuss property issues with the Registers and draft all type of deeds for my clients (mortgage, sales, power of attorneys, segregations and many more).

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