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We got a client, Mr. Alex Karyakin who is looking for a good litigator licensed in New York State who preferably has experience in FDA medical devices to help him defend a product liability personal injury lawsuit. I personally called Mr. Karyakinis yesterday and summarized his background and needs as below. I am believing he is a serious client to hire a U.S. lawyer to help him.

Mr. Karyakinis is a Canadian and has an LLC in Canada. His company resells FDA-approved medical devices on Amazon. The products he sells are manufactured by a facility in Canada named Equimat. Equimat was FDA certified and used the gel to produce Magellan Canada. Mr. Karyakin did no implementations or changes to the products, just packaged and resold the products on Amazon.

However, Equimat, the manufacturing facility in Canada found out that their products were contaminated by some kind of bacteria in August 2021. So Equimat ceased operation on around August 14, 2021, and notified the resellers including Mr. Karyakin. Then Mr. Karyakin ceased all operations of selling that product on Amazon and implemented the recall procedures.

Based on the statements issued by Equimat, only 12 batches were affected while the products Mr. Karyakin sold one of them. Amazon issued the recall procedures and FDA controlled the recall because the manufacturer itself filed for bankruptcy in late August 2021. There was no full investigation done in regards to exactly how many batches have been completed. Amazon told Mr. Karyakin to recall and destroy all products to make sure it is safe due to the investigation had not been completed. By the end of 2021, Amazon canceled and refunded all orders involved.

However, a customer filed a suit including five clauses rights with the Supreme Court of New York against Amazon, Equimat (Manufacturer), and Mr. Karyakin’s LLC on February 22, 2022. Mr. Karyakin didn’t know about this lawsuit until he got a statement from Amazon on April 26.

The best defense that Mr. Karyakin can think of now is that the customer purchased the product on May 3, 2021, but the particular affected batch should have been kept in Amazon’s warehouse, not shipped yet.

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