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Years of experience


Industries served

Real Property, Entertainment, film, music and art, Technology, Life sciences and biotechnology

Graduated from

Golden Gate University School of Law, 2010

Practice areas

patent filing,patent litigation,copyright filing,copyright litigation,trademark filing,trademark litigation,contracts and agreements other,company formation,partnership or joint venture,divestiture or dissolution,corporate governance,mergers and acquisitions due diligence,licenses and permits,website terms and conditions and privacy policy,commercial civil


Catherine is passionate about entrepreneurship, engendering communal success, and systemized equities. Her commitment to serving the respective needs within those spheres has enabled her to leverage her Psychology and Law degrees to manage the Delcin Consulting Group and serve her community as a Judge for Teen Court and an Arbitrator for FINRA. Through her dedication and personal endeavor to support others in their entrepreneurial ventures she has consulted in life sciences, Business, and law. She has over 10 years of a proven track record of exceptional project management, presentation, authoring skills, maintaining, and developing work plans and deliverables, and assuring that budgets and timelines are successfully met. Ms. Delcin is an international speaker and a published author. She has contributed to Business Home Magazine, Life science publications: Outsourced Pharma and Pharmaceutical Online, Ezine Expert Author, AIMRI, San Francisco Trial Lawyer Magazine, and the American Bar Association Journal.