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North Carolina


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Years of experience


Industries served

Technology, Software, Machine learning, Artificial intelligence

Graduated from

Duke University School of Law

Practice areas

Patent filing, Software or licensing


Pad is the Founding Partner of AI Patent Law, a patent law firm that focuses on building patent portfolios for startups and high growth companies with leading edge technologies. Pad has provided patent counsel for startup companies who have, collectively, exited for more than $4 Billion. In addition, Pad counsels a range of startup companies who have raised venture capital in an amount totaling more than $1.4 Billion.

Pad specializes in patenting artificial intelligence and machine learning tech, among other complex technologies, and represents various startup clients throughout Silicon Valley, Ann Arbor, Northern Virginia, Austin, and Charlotte.

Pad enjoys embedding into the businesses of his startup clients and often serves as the de facto in-house patent counsel function for developing patent strategy, patent budgeting, and patent portfolio creation that enables his startup clients to achieve their valuation and exit objectives.