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Kentucky, Florida

Law firm



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Years of experience


Industries served

Software, Financial markets and services, Cannabis

Graduated from

Stetson University College of Law

Practice areas

commercial real estate,chapter 7,chapter 11,chapter 13,corporate transactions other,commercial civil


I am a seasoned lawyer with a professional career spanning over 25 years. As both an in-house attorney and corporate lawyer advising business clients in my private practice, I have personally handled a broad range of contracts and commercial transactions along with many organizational and investor-related matters. My courtroom experience includes litigation of multimillion dollar cases at the state and federal level. Prior to practicing law, I spent a decade after law school working in corporate management positions within the software and financial industries in South America and later worked as a Sales Manager in a $100 million dollar territory for a Fortune 100 Company. My diverse career path gives me a level of experience and perspective that would be a true asset to management and your legal teams. I currently reside in Louisville, Kentucky where I co-founded an industrial hemp processing company in 2018. Our company is being acquired through a merger with a larger retail company and I am excited about exploring new challenges in the legal field where I can assist clients remotely at a very high level and enjoy my work/life balance at the same time.