Instant productivity boost for your procurement teams

Automation platform your entire team will love

Save 97% of your operational cost

Zero installation required

100% data security guaranteed

Pre-purchase and post-signature term management platform

Chat to get business done

Simply explain your business goal in plain English without having to learn a new system

Automate deal intake

Improve workflows with the intelligent deal routing system

Get insights on deals and team performance

Customized dashboard with deal metrics (savings, deal load, cycle time and throughput)

Boost efficiency with predefined strategies

Enable procurement to self-serve without relying on legal teams

Leverage machine learning to save $ and time

Extract important terms and deals data from contracts

Integrate with other workflows

Easy integration with any of
your existing tools

Leverage the power of machine learning

Enjoy true automation
We are the first in the industry to deploy Natural Language Processing to automatically classify and extract relevant information for in-house legal teams and procurement teams, automating your workflow like never before.

Apply self-driving car technology to automating review processes
If cars can drive themselves, why should procurement professionals and lawyers be stuck with tedious manual work?

Automate everything
Compare pricing info with historical data, draft emails with strategies for deal negotiation,  automatically propose pre-defined fallback provisions, track all terms and dates that your team cares about, and much more.

Designed for YOUR team
We are innovating the technology stack at your company to help you achieve three important goals: faster deal negotiation process,  higher efficiency, less overhead for tedious manual work, and, more importantly, better collaboration and communication with external and internal teams.

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One More Word on How Lawyers Can Use ChatGPT More Responsively

June 7, 2023

We've frequently discussed the benefits and pitfalls of ChatGPT. It's only prudent to remind folks about the risks of "hallucinations" and the occasional lapses in accuracy that ChatGPT can encounter. It's no surprise that some "ingenious" lawyer already attempted to use it to cite case law and was caught on the spot when an astute judge had their staff cross-check the references. Those skeptical of ChatGPT are now laughing uproariously at this blunder. "I told you so", they say. And yes, it's absurd to ask ChatGPT to cite case law and to trust its references without double-checking the sources. After all, let's remember that ChatGPT is a large language model—it generates content based on context. Precision and accurate sourcing aren't its strong suits. Producing plausible-looking content is more its way of operating. Does this misstep mean that lawyers should abandon ChatGPT? This idea couldn't be further from the truth. Legal documents are, by nature, constructed on context. So, ChatGPT excels at creating templates, generating different drafts of a particular clause, reviewing documents, and suggesting relevant edits, to name just a few uses. So, how should lawyers utilize ChatGPT without tripping up like our colleagues at Levidow, Levidow & Oberman? Here are a few suggestions:

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Why and How Trusli Legal Playbook Solution Will Serve Both Legal and Procurement Teams

September 7, 2022

Previously, we have written about why the legal playbook is the answer to contract negotiation automation. We often get asked: who is your target customer? Is it in-house legal teams or procurement? Our answer has always been: both. Here is why and how.

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Technology Innovation Project – How to Select and Implement a New Technology Successfully

August 26, 2022

Regardless of the software and the functionality, HOW the system is implemented will eventually dictate whether the system is successfully adopted or not. So how to ensure a successful selection and implementation process? Here are some points for discussion and debate. 

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Procurement Automation Should Not Stop With Approvals and Automated Workflows

August 9, 2022

Recently, we have discussed how to best begin deploying AI and technology in support of lawyers. But what about procurement?

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How to automate your contract negotiation? The legal playbook is the answer

August 5, 2022

When it comes to lawyers using AI and technology, many general counsels and heads of procurement ask us: where is the best place to start?

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Why Document Automation Is the Core of All Law Firm Automation

July 12, 2022

While there are tons of processes to automate and apply machine learning for law firm practice management software, a great place to start is document automation for large and small law firms. Here at Trusli, we have developed multiple automation tools that are contextual, intelligent, and pain-free for lawyers.

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