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FAQ about ProcurePro

Can features be customized for my company?


Absolutely! Trusli’s product is designed to allow users to define their own templates and fallbacks. If you have other expectations beyond the current product offering, our team would be happy to work closely with you to understand your needs and tailor features to create a seamless, personalized experience for your business.

Can I customize Legal Playbook to meet the needs of my specific business or industry?


Yes, Legal Playbook offers customizable templates and guidelines that can be tailored to fit your organization's specific requirements, in conjunction with best practices and industry standards, ensuring that your legal processes remain efficient and compliant.

How does Legal Playbook help me identify and clarify fallback provisions in contracts?


Legal Playbook's AI algorithms can intelligently identify and flag fallback provisions in your company’s own precedents, which can then be deployed to minimize manual reviews thus variance. This ensures that your contracts remain compliant, consistent and legally sound.

How do the legal and procurement tools work together?


Trusli's legal and procurement tools are seamlessly integrated. Procurement tasks are automatically linked to associated legal contracts to ensure all relevant information is captured in one place. From building budgets and getting procurement to drafting contracts and managing negotiations, Trusli's unified platform ensures smooth collaboration between legal and procurement teams, ultimately driving success for your organization.

How do you protect my data?


At Trusli, we take data security very seriously. We prioritize security and employ robust encryption, access controls, and data protection measures to safeguard sensitive legal information. The platform adheres to industry-leading security standards and compliance requirements, ensuring that your data remains secure at all times. We are currently Soc 2 type 1 compliant, and are working diligently to become compliant with a variety of more advanced security standards such as Soc2 type 2, certain ISO compliance criteria, etc.

How is Trusli different?


Trusli is the only procurement automation software that connects legal with procurement. Traditional CLMs (contract lifecycle management software) or procurement tools simply do not talk to each other, causing frustration to users. Trusli uniquely connects legal with procurement, utilizing chat-based interactions to simplify user experience and reduce the learning curve associated with new systems.

Is Legal Playbook compatible with other software tools I already use?


Trusli is built with compatibility in mind. Our platform can integrate with a variety of popular software tools to create a cohesive and efficient workflow. If you have specific integration requirements, please feel free to reach out to our team, and we will be happy to assist you.

Can multiple users collaborate on Legal Playbook?


Absolutely! Legal Playbook supports multi-user collaboration with multi-layered access settings, enabling teams to work together on managing negotiations with strict controls.

How does Legal Playbook's one-click feature help me make more informed decisions during contract negotiations?


Legal Playbook's one-click feature allows users to quickly deploy all predefined provisions and reject the rest of proposed changes, effectively limiting the markups only to the provisions that contain fallback provisions.

What kind of customer support and training is available for Legal Playbook users?


Trusli offers comprehensive customer support, including post go-live support, a dedicated customer success team, user guides, video tutorials, and email or phone assistance. Additionally, customized training sessions can be arranged for users to ensure a smooth onboarding process and maximize the platform's benefits for your organization.

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