We currently have an opening for a Chief Technology Officer

Location: Redwood City (local remote work allowed)

Job descriptions:

1. Developing and improving the data pipeline for enabling the matching process between
lawyers and clients on Sleegal’s platform;
1) Designing and developing the first databases needed at the company to host user data
2) Designing and developing the matching process between lawyers and clients in the backend to
achieve full automation
3) Designing and developing the internal data tools to allow updating user data effectively

2. Developing and improving the company web products;
1)Designing and developing the entire website and the web platform for the company;
2) Improving the product performance by tracking metrics and experimentation;
3) Creating analytics dashboards to monitor and analyze user data

3. Building and managing the technical team at the company
1) Hiring, managing, and growing the technical team members;
2) Creating the long-term technology strategy for the company;
3) Collaborating with the CEO to make strategic business decisions for the company


Bachelor's degree in computer science/information science, 3 yr product management experience
To apply, please send your resume to