Our mission

At Trusli, our mission is to supercharge in-house legal teams with trusted AI. Our brand name, Trusli, embodies our core value of delivering "trusted AI for everyone." We are dedicated to empowering organizations with intuitive, user-friendly solutions that automate their operations, save costs and increase efficiency.

We believe AI is here to assist you, not replace you, enabling human creativity and expertise to shine. Our commitment to technical innovation and user experience drives us to continuously push the boundaries, creating seamless, efficient, and intelligent tools that transform the way businesses achieve their goals. Let AI do the tedious manual work for you so you can focus on what matters, whether it’s strategic sourcing, learning the cutting edge trends of each category, or being trusted advisors for the business.

Our values

Users first

We built our automation software with a user-friendly design at its core. Say goodbye to tedious steps or navigating through countless buttons. We embrace the "KISS" principle: Keep It Simple, Stupid, ensuring our software remains accessible and intuitive for everyone.

Bias for action

Our team takes ownership of their work, holding one another accountable to deliver tangible, impactful results. This mindset empowers us to move quickly, stay agile, and consistently deliver cutting-edge solutions to our customers while adapting to the ever-evolving technological landscape.


We are dedicated to cultivating a vibrant, inclusive atmosphere where individuals from all walks of life can flourish and share their unique perspectives. We ensure our AI solutions resonate with the diverse needs of businesses–big or small–worldwide, empowering them to prosper in a global landscape.


Our name, "Trusli," signifies our commitment to building trustworthy AI solutions. We prioritize transparency, accountability, and reliability in our technology, while respecting user privacy and security. By continuously refining our AI algorithms and adhering to ethical principles, we strive to create solutions that users can confidently depend on.

Our team

Our core team members are seasoned lawyers, Silicon Valley veterans who worked on multiple successful startups from digital health to autonomous vehicles, Data Scientists, Machine Learning experts, and Marketing gurus. We are funded by notable investors in legal tech and are actively expanding our team.

Companies our team previously worked at

Gloria Qiao,
Founder & CEO

MBA, Duke Fuqua
JD, Emory School of Law
Licensed attorney in NY and CA

Gloria, CEO and co-founder of Trusli, holds a JD from Emory University School of Law, graduating Order of the Coif, and is a licensed attorney in both New York and California. After practicing as a corporate attorney for four years at prestigious Wall Street law firms, including Davis Polk and Kirkland & Ellis, Gloria discovered her true passion for business and technology.

Fueled by a passion for business and technology, Gloria obtained her MBA from Duke University's Fuqua School of Business and embarked on an exciting journey through the tech world, working with industry giants like Apple and Samsung. Captivated by the exhilarating startup ecosystem, Gloria led large teams at cutting-edge self-driving car startups such as Zoox, GM Cruise, and Motional, where she built innovative systems and processes, while learning existing technologies such as AI and cloud computing. She also developed a passion for beautiful and intuitive software product design.

Charlotte Tao,
Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

MBA, M.S., University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

Charlotte spearheads Trusli's technical teams, leveraging her vast experience in machine learning and product management to drive innovation. In the early stages of her career, Charlotte worked as a data scientist at Salesforce and Uber, where she implemented multiple automated analytics pipelines. She then transitioned to technical product management, contributing her expertise to self-driving car teams at Zoox and Lyft Level 5.

Prior to co-founding Trusli, Charlotte developed a range of innovative machine learning products that secured 10 U.S. patents, covering areas such as self-driving car simulation platforms, data security, high-definition mapping, sensor localization, and computer vision. Driven by her passion for making machine learning accessible to everyone, Charlotte is committed to delivering Trusli's cutting-edge solutions for the benefit of users across various industries.

Join us

We are actively hiring legal specialists, software engineers, and data scientists across the US. Check our our LinkedIn page for open positions, or send your resume directly to info@sleegal.ai if you are interested.

Open Roles

Robin Diane Goldstein

Exec at Zoox, principal General Counsel at Apple, Chief Counsel at Sony | MIT, Albany JD

Haseeb Amireh

Sales exec at HP, Oracle, EMC | MBA from University of Phoenix, B.S. from Iowa State

Andy Miller

Associate General Counsel at Lucid Motors, Navient, and Calpine, Clifford Chance, Latham and Watkins | B.A./M.A. from Oxford

Jenny Lee

General Counsel at Google, Apple, Amazon, Kirkland & Ellis | Harvard JD


William Bergersen

Procurement exec at Tesla, Lyft | Boston University

Dan Neault

SVP at Imperva, GM at Amazon, SVP at NetApp, GM at Microsoft | MBA, University of Chicago

Endorsed by industry-renowned investors