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Tarun Raisoni

CEO of Rahi Systems

“As a startup owner, we always need lawyers for different things. It used to be that whenever we needed a lawyer for anything, we asked our friends for referrals. Then they gave us the wrong kind of lawyers after hours of back and forth. Ever since I found Trusli, this problem has been solved. Trusli provides a full range of different kinds of business attorneys and all you need to do is to type up your question. The small business lawyers from their network are professional, reliable and affordable. I strongly recommend any startup or small business owner to use Trusli for any legal need!”


Tech entrepreneur from San Francisco

“I didn't have the legal background to protect ourselves in our business launch. Trusli helped us get connected with a great lawyer at a price that we could afford.”


HR Manager from New York City

“I was looking for awesome perks for my team and came across Trusli's legal benefit program. They offer easy access to affordable lawyers. Highly recommend for those looking for employee benefits.”

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Legal knowledge

One More Word on How Lawyers Can Use ChatGPT More Responsively

June 7, 2023

We've frequently discussed the benefits and pitfalls of ChatGPT. It's only prudent to remind folks about the risks of "hallucinations" and the occasional lapses in accuracy that ChatGPT can encounter. It's no surprise that some "ingenious" lawyer already attempted to use it to cite case law and was caught on the spot when an astute judge had their staff cross-check the references. Those skeptical of ChatGPT are now laughing uproariously at this blunder. "I told you so", they say. And yes, it's absurd to ask ChatGPT to cite case law and to trust its references without double-checking the sources. After all, let's remember that ChatGPT is a large language model—it generates content based on context. Precision and accurate sourcing aren't its strong suits. Producing plausible-looking content is more its way of operating. Does this misstep mean that lawyers should abandon ChatGPT? This idea couldn't be further from the truth. Legal documents are, by nature, constructed on context. So, ChatGPT excels at creating templates, generating different drafts of a particular clause, reviewing documents, and suggesting relevant edits, to name just a few uses. So, how should lawyers utilize ChatGPT without tripping up like our colleagues at Levidow, Levidow & Oberman? Here are a few suggestions:

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Organizational Design: Where should the Chief Procurement Officer Sit

November 2, 2022

Since Covid-19 prompted a global supply-chain shortage, procurement has attracted a lot of attention it didn’t previously receive. So where should a Chief Procurement Officer sit within a company? An even better question is: should there be a Chief Procurement Officer at all? Here are some thoughts.

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How Procurement Teams Are Evaluated and Why You Must Have a System to Track Your Metrics

October 12, 2022

The procurement leaders should have a neat, sleek dashboard where all the data can be sliced and diced to show management why the team is doing a good job, thus deserving more funding/headcounts.

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What is an RFP and Why You Need a Good System to Conduct One

September 28, 2022

For procurement managers, the process of running a large-scale RFP with multiple vendors tends to be involved, complex, and chaotic. The bad news is that’s almost by definition what running an RFP means. The good news, however, is that you can use a software system to manage the process to eliminate manual work, consolidate information, collaborate effectively with both the internal and external teams, and ultimately digitalize the RFP process. Here is how.

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Why and How Trusli Legal Playbook Solution Will Serve Both Legal and Procurement Teams

September 7, 2022

Previously, we have written about why the legal playbook is the answer to contract negotiation automation. We often get asked: who is your target customer? Is it in-house legal teams or procurement? Our answer has always been: both. Here is why and how.

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Consider changing your business type? It's easier than you think

July 28, 2022

We will discuss why businesses want to change the business type (most of the time, from a less complex structure to a more complex structure) and how to change the business type. 

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