Do I qualify for a H1B visa?

You quality for a H1B visa if you 1) have a advanced degree such as a four year bachelor’s degree, a master or a doctoral degree, or 2) you have advanced training or vocation skills or 3) you qualify for work in research and developments of the US department of defense or other government positions.  For you to get a H1B visa, the employer must be in the US.  They must have an option position and they cannot find an American employee who is qualified enough to complete the work.  The employer must advertise the position and if the requirements cannot be met by a US employee and must be fulfilled by a foreign employee like yourself, they can initiate the H1B process for you.

How can I immigrate to the US?

There are a few common ways to immigrate to the US.  The first one is based on family, i.e if you have a spouse, finance, parents or children who can sponsor you.  The second, and almost most common one is based on employment, through EB1-4 visas based on extraordinary abilities or specialized training.  Third, you can also immigrate to the US using a EB5 visa based on qualifying investments.  Fourth, you can immigrate to the US as a refugee or asylee, also as victims of  human trafficking, abuse or crime.  Finally, the US awards green card lotteries to citizens of countries who have low rates of immigration to the US.

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