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Mitchell offers ""packages"" to business owners, a simple package of $699 (unlimited email, one hour consultation) to much bigger packages 1,399, 2,499 and 3,999 with various ranges of service.  It's kinda of a ""subscription"" model of its own, which is worth exploring for us.  because of this model, he doesn't want to take on clients on a subscription basis for outside New Jersey, his home jurisdiction.

He seems very open minded and talked about ""helping you launch your service"".  He has some bells and whistles on his website, including a chatbot, but it doesn't work.  He also hosts a pod cast called ""accidental entrepreneur"" and has videos etc. on his website, but none of this has gained much traction.  He mentioned he mostly take on clients from referrals but would like to get a lot more clients if he can.

He would be a good candidate for our focus group as he seems to be more forward thinking and has done more on digital advertising than most lawyers.  I just don't think he has figured out an effective way to do it well yet.  another idea is we may be able to help him develop his own bot, if he's willing to be a little bit.

I'll send him our survey as well as ask him about building a bot for him. In any regards both his business model and his willingness to speak to us and help is worth noting.

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