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Frequently Asked Questions

Can features be customized for my team?


Absolutely! Trusli is designed for flexibility, allowing users to craft their own templates and fallbacks. Beyond our standard product, our team is eager to understand and customize features for a seamless, tailored experience.

Can I adapt the Legal Playbook to my business or industry needs?


Yes, the Legal Playbook is versatile with customizable templates that align with both industry standards and your organization's specifics, ensuring streamlined and compliant legal processes.

How does the Legal Playbook highlight and manage fallback provisions in contracts?


Legal Playbook utilizes advanced AI to pinpoint and mark fallback provisions, based on your company's precedents. This automation significantly reduces manual review and variance, upholding contract consistency and legal integrity.

Is the Legal Playbook compatible with my existing software tools?


Designed for compatibility, Trusli seamlessly integrates with popular software tools. If you have specific integration needs, our team is at your service to assist.

Can several users collaborate on the Legal Playbook?


Certainly! Legal Playbook supports multi-user collaboration. It comes with layered access settings to foster teamwork with precise controls.

How does the one-click feature in Legal Playbook assist in smarter contract negotiations?


The one-click function in Legal Playbook enables swift deployment of preset provisions, rejecting other changes. This sharpens the focus to clauses with fallback provisions, facilitating more informed negotiations.

How does Trusli protect my data?


Data security is paramount at Trusli. We implement robust encryption, stringent access controls, and protective measures. Complying with industry security standards, we ensure your data's safety. We are SOC 2 Type II compliant and are in the process of achieving more comprehensive security certifications.

How does Trusli differ from traditional Contract Lifecycle Management solutions (CLMs)?


While standard CLMs provide a platform for digital contracts and basic functionalities, Trusli goes much beyond. Our AI, trained by legal experts and tailored with your data, creates dynamic templates considering various parameters. Moreover, our AI can automate markup on diverse documents. In essence, our technology far surpasses the capabilities of conventional CLMs.

What support and training does Trusli offer to users?


Trusli delivers extensive support from a dedicated customer success team, post-launch assistance, user manuals, video guides, and both email and phone support. Custom training sessions can also be scheduled for efficient onboarding and platform optimization.