Pre-purchase and post-signature term management platform

Chat to get business done

Simply explain your business goal in plain English without having to learn a new system

Automate negotiation processes

Improve workflows with the intelligent routing system

Get insights on risks and compliance

Customized dashboard with relevant metrics from contract negotiations

Boost efficiency with predefined strategies

Enable procurement to self-serve without relying on legal teams

Leverage machine learning to save $ and time

Extract important terms and deals data from contracts

Integrate with other workflows

Easy integration with any of
your existing tools

Leverage the power of machine learning

Enjoy true automation
We are the first in the industry to deploy Natural Language Processing to automatically classify and extract relevant information for in-house legal teams and procurement teams, automating your workflow like never before.

Apply self-driving car technology to automating review processes
If cars can drive themselves, why should procurement professionals and lawyers be stuck with tedious manual work?

Automate everything
Compare pricing info with historical data, draft emails with strategies for deal negotiation,  automatically propose pre-defined fallback provisions, track all terms and dates that your team cares about, and much more.

Designed for YOUR team
We are innovating the technology stack at your company to help you achieve three important goals: faster deal negotiation process,  higher efficiency, less overhead for tedious manual work, and, more importantly, better collaboration and communication with external and internal teams.

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