Get things done with zero clicks

Attract clients

Build a unique profile and vet leads based on your expertise

Create matters

Create matters without
tedious manual input

document searching and drafting

Search document

Automatically pick the right document template

Autofill templates

Automatically fill out templates and send out after approval

Track invoices and calendars

Track hours, send invoices, and automate calendars

Integrate with other workflows

Easy integration with any of
your existing workflows

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Leverage the power of machine learning

Enjoy true automation
We are the first in the industry to deploy Natural Language Processing to automatically classify and extract relevant information for lawyers, automating your workflow like never before.

Apply self-driving car technology
If cars can drive themselves, why should lawyers be stuck with tedious manual work?

Automate everything
Screening client inquiry, turning potential client into actual clients, create client and matters, pull templates, auto fill templates, create to do list, calendaring, billing and invoicing, and much more.

Designed for YOUR firm
We are innovating the technology stack at your firm to help you achieve three important goals: higher efficiency so more billable hours; work smarter so you can pass on savings to clients and stay competitive; and more importantly, more satisfied clients and happier associates.

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Practice areas

Patent filing, Software or licensing



Practice areas

Trademark filing, Greencard, Work visa



Practice areas

Company formation, Securities offerings and IPO, Partnership or joint venture



Practice areas

Copyright filing, Contracts and agreements, Website terms and conditions and privacy policy

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