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Lawyers: work smarter with AI 

Not only we can help you find leads without using secretaries or legal assistants, we can also help you automate your work.  Anything a legal assistant can do, Trusli can help you automate it.  If cars can drive themselves, why should you still be doing or paying people to do tedious manual work?

How are we different?

There are people out there doing similar things as we do, but we take an entirely different approach.  Our roots are in self driving cars.  We know how to use data and machine learning to do everything better, legal included.  On the one hand, we are lawyers who have been there and know what you are struggling with, be it finding clients or working with automation.  On the other hand, we are data scientists, product managers, and software developers.  We know how good software should look like and feel like.  We get it.  Let us show you how everything can be done with a few clicks as opposed to tedious, manual processes.  We are a legal marketplace and legal practice management software.  It’s just that we have super power 😎.

No more search in the dark

Tarun Raisoni

CEO of Rahi Systems

“As a startup owner, we always need lawyers for different things. It used to be that whenever we needed a lawyer for anything, we asked our friends for referrals. Then they gave us the wrong kind of lawyers after hours of back and forth. Ever since I found Trusli, this problem has been solved. Trusli provides a full range of different kinds of lawyers and all you need to do is to type up your question. The lawyers from their network are professional, reliable and affordable. I strongly recommend any startup or small business owner to use Trusli for any legal need!”


Tech entrepreneur from San Francisco

“I didn't have the legal background to protect ourselves in our business launch. Trusli helped us get connected with a great lawyer at a price that we could afford.”


HR Manager from New York City

“I was looking for awesome perks for my team and came across Trusli's legal benefit program. They offer easy access to affordable lawyers. Highly recommend for those looking for employee benefits.”

What processes can we help you automate?

It’s very simple. If a task is tedious, repetitive following certain rules, we can help you automate it. Take, for example, our friends at Magstone.  They help companies form entities.  They used to gather pages of information by PDF, and then manually fill out 10+ forms using the same information.  Not anymore. With our top notch developers and machine learning experts, now they just need to send the clients a link.  Once clients populate the relevant information, they review the information and by one click, the forms are mostly filled with the relevant information.  All they need to do is to review the filled out forms and adjust a few tricky fields.  Done.  We have increased their productivity by 70%, creating huge value for both the firm and also allowing them to pass on savings to the clients.  In their case, this is a no brainer purchase.  The ROI on the software investment is so obvious that they are delighted to invest.  If you have a similar corporate practice, hit us up here. We can quickly custom build something for you in a matter of days.  Similarly, if you are an IP lawyer or immigration lawyer, chances are you spend a lot of time filling out the same forms using the same information.  We can help.  Be one of our pioneers as we build this automation for you.  Our vision is one day all lawyers need to do is lawyering.  Leave all the tedious work to the machine, be it filling out forms, pulling templates, or even billing.  Join us to be one of the first to make this into reality.

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