Release Announcement - NDA Portal

January 11, 2024

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What's new

Introducing a new enhancement to the Template feature – we offer a ready-to-use NDA template with frequently used fallbacks. Save paperwork time for new users, enabling them to negotiate with ease. ✨

NDA portal

  1. A ready-to-use NDA template

For each new tenant, we prepare a standard NDA for them to use. They can take the same options as they have for other self-uploaded templates: rename, download, delete, and move between folders.

Free NDA template

  1. Customize the NDA

Users can enter their company information in the template to customize it.

  1. Customize fallbacks

Users can modify or delete the predefined fallbacks, and they also have the option to add new fallbacks, same as the choices available for self-uploaded templates. Premium users also have the ability to add multiple fallbacks.