How To Create a Template

October 19, 2023

Use Trusli’s NDA template

  1. We provide the ready-to-use NDA template for you with pre-defined fallbacks. Navigate to the Template list page, and you will find the template uploaded by Trusli.

  1. Open the template, and you will find the paragraph for company information where you can input your specific details. Initiate the input process by clicking on "Edit template" in the top right corner or directly in any of the information fields.

  1. On the right side, you'll find commonly used fallbacks in NDA. Use it as your own template, either maintain the original version or make edits to the fallbacks as needed.
  1. After finishing updating the template, click the download button on the top right. Send it to your counterparty to kick off the negotiation process!

Upload your own template

  1. Click the "Upload template" button on the top right corner of the Template page.

  1. Fill out the basic information for this template.

Choose a type. 

Type applies to both templates and documents. You need to choose a type for both of them, and the system will filter available templates with the same type for comparison in the document review tab.

Optionally, put the template into a folder.

  1. Click the "start defining" button to start template editing, or select 'Save and close' if you wish to edit it at a later time.

Identify a negotiable phrase to add fallbacks

  1. Select the entire sentence that you want to add a fallback to and it will automatically be pasted into the text box for you to edit. Start editing by adding a title for it. 

  1. Create a fallback in the textbox and highlight changes by selecting the updated terms and using the highlighter button. The highlighted text will be noticeable when you review the markups by comparing them with fallbacks. Click the "Confirm" button to finish editing.

  1. You have the option to include up to four fallbacks with the premium plan. To upgrade your plan, please reach out to Trusli support at

Edit a provision title

Hover your mouse cursor over the title section, and a pencil icon will appear to allow you to edit the title. Click on the title and edit it.

Delete a selected term

Simply hover your mouse cursor over the title section and click the 'Delete this provision' button that appears on the right. This will remove the chosen term along with its fallbacks in one go.

Save a template

After adding all the fallbacks, be sure to click the "Save" icon at the top right to confirm that all the fallbacks will be successfully saved.

Download a template

  1. Upon completing the editing of all fallbacks, you can download the template by clicking on the download icon at the top right.
  1. Alternatively, download a template from the template list page by clicking the three dots in each template line and selecting "Download" from the action list.


Change the file folder

  1. Navigate to the template that you want to move, and click on the three dots on the right.

  1. Click on "Move to", and you can choose the folder that you want to move the template into from the dropdown list.

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