How To Create a Template

October 19, 2023

Upload template

  1. Click the "Upload template" button on the top right corner of the Template page.

  1. Fill out the basic information for this template.
  • Choose a type. 

(Type applies to both templates and documents. You need to choose a type for both of them, and the system will filter available templates with the same type for comparison in the document review tab.)

  • Optionally, put the template into a folder.

3. Click the "start defining" button to initiate template editing, or select 'Save and close' if you wish to return to it for editing at a later time.

Identify a negotiable phrase to add fallbacks

  1. Select the phrase that you want to add fallbacks from left to right and the entire sentence will be automatically pasted into the text box for you to edit. Start editing with adding a title for it.

  1. Create the fallback in the textbox and highlight the words you edited by selecting it and clicking on the highlighter. Click on the "Save" button to save the edit. 

  1. You have the option to include up to four fallbacks with the premium plan.

Edit fallback order

To allow users to negotiate from the most favorable fallback to the least one during the document review step, all added fallbacks within a provision should be listed in a hierarchy, with the most favorable to the company at the top.

Edit provision title

Move your mouse cursor over the title section, and a pencil icon will appear to indicate the edit operation. Click on the title and edit it.

Delete a selected term

Simply move your mouse cursor over the title section, and then click the 'Delete this provision' button that appears on the right. This will remove the chosen term along with its fallbacks in one go.

Download a template

  1. You can simply download a template from the Template list page, just click the "Download" icon in each template line.

  1. Alternatively, on each template edit page, you'll find a download icon in the top right corner. Simply click it to download the template.

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